Taco Bell Sauces at Home Bzz Campaign

As a member of BzzAgent I was selected to try out Taco Bell's new Sauces at Home. They offer the same 4 flavors of sauces that they have available in the little packets at their fast food places, now in bottles. I used to always take extra packets with me when I got food at Taco Bell and stash them in my purse for later because I loved their sauces so much! BzzAgent sent me 2 flaors to try and test out. I received the Mild Sauce and the Fire Sauce. The other 2 kinds available that I did not get to try yet are Verde Salsa and Hot Sauce.

As you can see I have already had a few helpings of the Fire Sauce. I just love hot foods and condiments! I added the fire sauce to my dinner the past few nights. I used it to top my dinner of chili and beans last night, and tonight I used it as a dipping sauce for my dinner of chicken quesadillas. Let me tell you, a little of this stuff goes a long way. It is full of flavor, and you will definitely notice the heat. I have not tried out the mild sauce yet but I am imagining it will be good on many foods. I am planning to use it to top some nachos that I will be making for the upcoming Super Bowl. The sauces come in 7.5 oz bottles and can be found in stores and online. 

*I received these products as a BzzAgent, and all of the opinions are my own.

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