Ashley Bridget Magic Collection Bracelet

Today I received a wonderful bracelet I ordered from Ashley Bridget.  This bracelet is called the Wizardry bracelet and it is from the Ashley Bridget Magic Collection.  The description of this bracelet from their website is:

"Magic is all around you, you just have to open your eyes. The Ashley Bridget Wizardry bracelet is a testament to the wild wonders of life.
The Wizardry Bracelet includes 5 bracelets that are fastened together by two steel clamps. It includes a lobster claw clasp and back chain, making it fully adjustable to fit any wrist size."

Currently most of their bracelets and other jewelry are on sale for 60% off, which is a great deal and the savings helped me to purchase this bracelet.  I really love the bracelet and the look of the black and silver combination and I think the bracelet is very unique looking.  I have already gotten a few compliments on it today, and I look forward to purchasing from this company again.  The bracelet is high quality and durable and I know I will be getting a lot of wear out of it.

In addition to Ashley Bridget bracelets they also sell rings and necklaces.  I find all of their products to be quite charming and fashion-forward and high quality. Check them out for yourself while the 60% off sale is still on!  The Ashley Bridget bracelet I got was truly a great deal with the discount.

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